Locronan is a beautiful town in Brittany, France. It is a very popular tourist attraction. It is exceptional in that most of Locronan's hotels, shops and houses are very old and still intact. Walking around, one gets a feeling of being in another time completely. There's even a horse drawn carriage in the summer carring visitors and an almost complete lack of modern vehicles. The hanging signs outside the shops are wonderful pictures in themselves.

Most of the smaller streets are cobbled, adding further to the feeling of being in a place of times gone by.

Locronan hotel list:
In town: Hotel La Prieurre, 11 rue Prieure, Locronan, Finistere 29180.
Close by: Résidence Maeva le Coteau et la Mer, Treboul-Douarnenez, 16 route des Roches Blanches, Treboul-Douarnenez, Finistère 29100

To the west of Locronan you can find a superb beach at Kerlaz. Just follow the signs for Douarnenez as you leave town and look for a sign to Kerlaz on the right.

Kerlaz Beach

Locronan Tourist Office
Office de Tourisme

Place de la Mairie
Finistère (29) - Brittany


Locronan Center

Locronan attractions
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The centre of Locronan showing just one of the hotels. Locronan has very many bars, cafés and restaurants offering a good choice of places to eat or have a café.

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Locronan church has been recently restored as can be seen in the photograph on the right.



Just one of the many shop signs in Locronan. the shopkeepers, hotelliers and restaurant owners seem to take much care to provide attractive signs, something which you see more here than in most other towns.

It's well worth the trip to nearby Douarnenez to see the town, the port and especially the wooden boats.

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Wooden Boats

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